1win is a legitimate online casino and bookmaker in India that is licensed by the foreign government of Curacao. To maintain a legitimate and reliable activity, the online casino adheres to all international gambling regulations, including the fight against money laundering, the financing of terrorism, and other crimes.

In accordance with this, the company takes all reasonable measures to maintain a high level of quality and safety of all services and products provided. In addition, the management of the organization may cooperate with law enforcement if it is established that the client was engaged in illegal activities. The anti-money laundering policy prescribes clear instructions on how to stop financial crimes. Every new customer should review this policy to know which procedures may affect them.

1Win Anti-Money Laundering Policy

Plurality of definition

Money laundering can have several concepts. Therefore, in order for any illegal activity to be accounted for, 1win India clearly describes this term:

  • Deception or concealment of information about the true source or location of funds that were obtained illegally.
  • Possession and use of illegal property or money. Application of this to assist individuals who are involved in criminal activities.
  • A situation in which a person or group of persons obtained property or money in a criminal way in another country.

In any of these areas, the state authorities of India are actively working, which is aimed at reducing the risks of money laundering and reducing the number of such cases in gambling establishments. 1win applies special rules regarding this issue to help national and international organizations.

Definition of money laundering - 1Win

User Obligations

If a person has expressed a desire to create a profile on the official web page or mobile application 1win, he must agree to the following:

  • The Client will comply with all regulations and laws related to the fight against money laundering and other financial crimes.
  • The player will not use or accept funds to make a deposit that was obtained illegally.
  • At the request of the employees of the institution, the client undertakes to provide all the necessary documents for verification, including a passport, a bank statement, and a paid utility bill.
  • The user should be aware that the organization may refuse to conduct a transaction if employees suspect this payment is criminal activity. In addition, the institution is not obliged to inform the client of such suspicions, and that the issue may be referred to law enforcement agencies for consideration.
1Win Users Must Follow set of the rules

Identity verification

One of the key steps in the anti-money laundering policy is user verification. This procedure allows you to trace suspicious transactions, get to know customers better, and facilitate payments.

Employees of 1win India can at any time request from users the necessary documents to verify their identity. In addition, for some time, the institution will store information about the documents received, as well as the result of the check. For a short period, the company will verify the identity of the player on the list of terrorist suspects.

The minimum set of identifying data includes:

  • First and last name;
  • date of birth;
  • Address of current residence or place of registration.
As a part of anti-money laundering at 1Win India, in some cases users should proceed verification procedure

As a rule, the above details are left by the user during account creation. However, employees can check this information anytime by requesting a passport photo or ID card. Other certifying documents may also be used, which must contain certain facts:

  • Full name of the owner;
  • Date of Birth;
  • Photo;
  • It must be issued by a government agency.
User information that could be collected for verifiction