1Win Betgames Online Lobby

Every 1Win India player can enjoy the unique live dealer games from Betgames. A separate section is located at the top of the homepage. You can choose any of the 15 games on offer. In the 1Win Betgames lobby there are several zones: the main game area (where the live broadcast is held), betting area, betting card, other games, history, statistics. Everything is informative and intuitive. Start playing live games from Betgames at 1Win right now and get a welcome bonus of up to 500% on your first four deposits.

Betgames is a unique Casino Lobby Section at 1Win India

Lucky games

These are unique Live games presented in the 1Win Betgames games section, which offer the player to guess the numbers of balls that will fall in the draw. The dealer takes the game numbers out of the spinning reel one by one. Before the round, the player must specify the expected numbers in the draw, and set the bet size. The winnings are determined depending on how many numbers were correct, or how close the player came to the winning value. This depends on the particular lucky format game.

Lucky Games are popular Live Games of Betgames sectioin of 1Win, based on classical lotto

Dice Duel Online

The 1Win Betgames online game is simple and it attracts the attention of players. The point of the battle of the dice is to guess which of the two will show the higher value. If the player guesses, he gets a prize. In addition to the victory of one of the dice there are other outcomes that can be bet on, among them:

  • Draw;
  • A specific number that will fall on the dice;
  • A combination of numbers;
  • Even or odd values;
  • Total more;
  • Total less.

Selecting one of the markets, the odds will be displayed on the right. The winnings are formed from the product of the bet by the size of the multiplier of the winning market.

1Win Dice Duel Online is a Live Bet Game based on dice rolling

Wheel of Fortune from Betgames

This game is centred around a wheel of fortune divided into sections. On it are numbers from 1 to 18, and divided into colours (black, grey and red). The game is conducted by a dealer in online mode. It is possible to view statistics with the results of past rounds. Bets are accepted until the dealer starts the wheel spinning. You can choose from the following markets in 1Win Betgames online:

  • Sector;
  • Colours;
  • Numbers;
  • Miscellaneous.

The type of bet depends on the size of the odds. The riskier it is, the bigger the potential winnings are.

Wheel of Fortune Live Game from Betgames at 1Win India

War of bets

This is a card game working on the principle of more/less. Its essence is that the dealer alternately draws a card and puts it first on the player’s zone, then on his own. You can bet on the outcomes:

  • Dealer’s win;
  • Player’s win;
  • Draw;
  • The colour of the player’s card;
  • Dealer’s card colour;
  • Card Suit;
  • Card Value.

You are given 2 opportunities to place a bet per round, before the cards are dealt and after the player has a card. The odds are also not static and depend on the face value of the card the player is dealt.

Betgames War of Bets Live Game - 1Win

1Win Betgames Poker

This game is played in real time by live dealers dealing cards for 6 hands. A player can bet on a hand whose odds of winning change during the round. It is also possible to bet on the combination that will be the winner of the round. In the betting map on the right side you can enter the bet size in rupees and see the possible winnings. You can also watch a short video guide, where you will be taught how to play and see the results of past rounds. The 1Win Betgames online game is non-stop as the dealers change each other from time to time.

Betgames Poker include 6+ Poker and Bet on Poker Casino Games with Live Dealers

Classic Wheel in India

Choosing the classic wheel, the user will see a live broadcast where the dealer spins the wheel on an exotic background, which changes from time to time. There are 18 numbers on the wheel, of different colours. Before each round the player must make a bet. Below are the outcomes that can be selected:

  • Sector – bet on a specific number that can fall out;
  • Colours – you can choose black, grey, red;
  • Numbers – they are divided into groups of 6 numbers each;
  • Below/above 9.5;
  • Even or Odd;
  • Miscellaneous.

To begin with, you need to enter the bet size, and after that choose the outcome. As soon as the bet is played, the player automatically receives the winnings.

1Win Betgames Classic Wheel Game with live broadcast

Football Grid Online

In this lobby the user will see 2 players in blue and red shirts. They take turns hitting the football on the goal, which has 6 sectors. If the player hits, he gets points. The number of points depends on the sector. In this game, the user can bet on these outcomes:

  • The main outcome is a win for one of the players or a draw;
  • Player’s score;
  • Exact score;
  • Total;
  • Total score.

Also in the left part of the broadcast you can see the score for the last 5 rounds, based on which you can guess which player will win.

Make bets on football-themed live game at Betgames section of 1Win

Betgames Speedy

The 1Win betgames lobby has a unique game, hot seven. The point is to guess which card will be on the table next. The dealer alternately draws 7 cards. The player can take the winnings immediately after the first guess. There is also an opportunity to play 1Win Betgames a bonus game. To do this, you need to guess from the first to the last card, without withdrawing the winnings. The actual size of the bonus is displayed in the upper left part of the playing field. There is also an opportunity to view the tutorial guide in the right corner.

Betgames Speedy Live Games - 1Win India

Baccarat Game

It’s classic baccarat, only it’s run by a real dealer. The lobby is divided into several parts. The gaming area, where the dealer leads the game (it has an area with actual odds on the player’s or dealer’s victory), the betting area and the betting card. Users can bet on the following outcomes:

  • Player win;
  • Draw;
  • Banker wins;
  • Pair;
  • Perfect Pair;
  • Colours;
  • Suits;
  • Point totals;
  • Even/Odd.

As soon as a player wins, the winning amount is automatically credited to the account and is available for withdrawal in any of the ways presented in 1Win.

1Win Betgames Baccarat

1Win Betgames Andar Bahar

The 1Win betgames lobby features the popular Indian game Andar Bahar. By selecting it a player can watch a tutorial video at the beginning and then start playing. It is also possible to switch off the sound of the live broadcast. Below the playing area you can enter the bet size. And the following outcomes are available for the player to bet on:

  • Andar;
  • Bahar;
  • Card Score;
  • Joker colour;
  • Joker suit;
  • Value.

There is also an option to repeat the bet, this feature is located below the betting card.

Andar Bahar is a Popular Indian Card game available at Betgames section of 1Win

Satta Matka Online

This Betgames lobby game is unique in that it has a huge variety of combinations. There are over 50 of them. The game is also played by a real dealer. In the broadcast there is an option to mute the sound and also to see the results of the past rounds. Bets are made before the game starts, and the dealer works so professionally that there is a complete feeling of being in a real gambling club.

Betgames Satta Matka Live Dealer Game - 1Win


Is it realistic to win at betgames 1Win online?

Yes, the results of the games are transparent and winning depends only on the player’s skill and luck.

Yes, betgames is a legal provider with a worldwide reputation and 1Win has all the licences to conduct gaming activities. Also, the casino does not violate the laws of india.

Can I use bonuses to play live games from betgames?

Yes, 1Win has many bonuses that apply to casino games as well. These include the +500% on deposit welcome bonus.