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1win Fantasy will help diversify the way Indian players view sports. 1Win Fantasy users can create their own teams and compete against each other to earn rewards based on their performance in virtual soccer, American football, or basketball in real matches. Test your skills and intuition by participating in compelling gameplay.

1Win India Fantasy Sports Section

Fantasy Sport – what is it?

Indian players can try a new experience managing a virtual team with 1Win Fantasy sport. The essence of the game is that the player has to assemble their own team of real athletes from their chosen discipline The athletes chosen by the players earn fantasy points in the process of actually performing in competitions. Among the array of sports are available soccer, American football, and basketball.

The goal of the game is to properly build a strong and competitive team within a given budget, using your sports knowledge and strategic thinking. Limited budget conditions ensure a fair and equitable playing environment, as more skilled athletes usually cost more. Players need to manage their budgets wisely to build a strong and versatile team, finding a balance between star players and more economical athletes.

Fantasy Sport is a game where player should manage it's virtual sports team - 1Win

Types of 1Win fantasy sports in India

1Win offers Indian players a diverse set of fantasy sports designed for different sports fans. Here are the main types of fantasy sports on 1Win:

  • Soccer – Football fantasy sports on 1Win allow participants to create soccer teams. They select real players from various soccer leagues around the world, including the Indian Super League (ISL). Participants earn points based on players’ results such as goals, assists, clean plays, etc. The challenge is to build a team within the allocated budget while selecting the highest-performing players;
  • American Football – Fans of American Football can immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the NFL and other leagues. Participants select players and score points based on their actions on the field, such as touchdowns, yards gained, and interceptions. It’s a strategic game where knowing player statistics and player combinations is key to success;
  • Basketball – For fans of the NBA and basketball in general, 1Win offers Fantasy Basketball. Here, participants assemble their fantasy teams, earning points for actions such as points scored, rebounds, assists, and steals.

Participants can play for cash prizes or just for fun. These fantasy sports games require strategic thinking, analyzing players, and understanding the dynamics of the sport.

1Win Allows Indian Users to play fantasy cricket, football, American football and basketball

How to start betting on fantasy sports?

You can try your hand at virtual sports on 1Win without much difficulty. You will need to go through the registration process on the site, decide on a sport, and assemble your team. You can read more about all the steps below:

  1. Steps 1

    Go to the website or 1Win app and log in. If you don’t have an account yet, sign up.

    Log In to the 1Win India to start playing fantasy sports
  2. Steps 2

    Visit Fantasy Sports. It’s located in the More drop-down menu in the top bar of the site.

    Visit Fantasy Sports Home Page using 1Win Side or Top Menu
  3. Steps 3

    Select the type of fantasy sports you are interested in, such as Soccer, American football, or Basketball.

    Select the type of fantasy sports at 1Win
  4. Steps 4

    Assemble a team on a budget by selecting real players from relevant leagues.

    Assemble a fantasy sport team - 1Win India
  5. Steps 5

    Choose a competition with suitable buy-ins and prize pools.

    Choose a fantasy sport competition you want to join - 1Win
  6. Steps 6

    Finalize your lineup by selecting starting players and substitutes, if allowed.

    Finalize Your Lineup by clicking 'Submit lineup' button
  7. Steps 7

    Watch your team play during the live sporting event, earning points for player performance.

    Watch how your team is playing - 1Win Fantasy Sports
  8. Steps 8

    At the end of the event, cash in your winnings if your team wins.

    Cash in your winnings if your team is won - 1Win Fantasy Sports

Pay attention to the rules and scoring of 1Win Fantasy sport betting. They vary depending on the sport and event you choose.

Popular Fantasy Tournaments for betting

1Win Fantasy Sports in India has a decent selection of major tournaments. Almost any sports fan will find something to their liking. The site features the biggest tournaments in soccer, basketball, and American football.

List of popular 1Win Fantasy Tournaments to bet on
Premier LeagueSoccerThe Premier League is the highest national soccer competition in England. It is considered one of the most prestigious and popular soccer leagues in the world and annually attracts the attention of numerous fans and spectators from all over the world.
Euro QualificationSoccerEuro Qualification is a series of soccer matches and tournaments that are held to determine the composition of the national teams that will subsequently participate in the finals of the European Championship
UEFA Champions LeagueSoccerThe UEFA Champions League is an annual club soccer tournament in which the best teams in Europe compete for the title of continental champion.
World Cup QualifyingSoccerA FIFA World Cup qualifier is a series of soccer matches and tournaments in which national teams compete to qualify for the FIFA World Cup finals
NFLAmerican FootballThe NFL is a professional American soccer league consisting of American soccer teams competing nationally in the United States.
FIBA World CupBasketballFIBA World Cup is a basketball world cup organized by the International Basketball Federation, in which national teams compete for the title of world basketball champion

Bonuses for 1Win Fantasy Sports

At 1Win, you can confidently enjoy a large spectrum of promotions and bonuses. To qualify for these offers, all you need to do is meet the necessary criteria. Rest assured that while there are no exclusive bonuses for Fantasy sports, all other common bonuses are equally applicable to Fantasy sports. These bonuses can be found below.

1Win Bonuses for Fantasy Sports
Welcome bonusRegister and take advantage of the enticing welcome offer, which significantly boosts your initial four deposits with a 500% matching bonus, up to a maximum of ₹75,000. This bonus is divided among your deposits as follows:
  • First deposit – 200% bonus;
  • Second deposit – 150% bonus;
  • Third deposit – 100% bonus;
  • Fourth deposit – 50% bonus.
You can familiarize yourself with the wagering criteria on the site in the Rules section. This promotion is available to Indian players, offering an excellent way to kickstart their Fantasy sports experience on 1Win and potentially increase their earnings.
Mobile bonusTwo profitable bonuses are also available for Fantasy Sports mobile users: 9,510 INR for installing the 1Win mobile app and 1,500 INR for enabling push notifications on the website.


How do I get started playing Fantasy Sports on 1Win?

First, you need to register and make your first deposit. Then you will need to create your sports team, choose a tournament, select the players who will participate, and bet on 1Win fantasy sport.

What sports and tournaments are available for playing Fantasy Sports?

In 1Win Fantasy Sports, there are soccer, basketball, and American soccer available to choose from. Among the soccer tournaments, Premier League, Euro Qualification, UEFA Champions League and World Cup Qualifying are represented. For basketball, there is the FIBA World Cup, and for American soccer, the NFL.

Are there special bonuses for Fantasy sports?

There are no separate bonuses for Fantasy Sports, but some of the general bonuses apply to it, such as the Welcome Bonus.