1Win Partners Affiliate Program in India

1Win Partners provides an affiliate program in India aimed at digital marketers and online enterprises. This helpful tool promotes income production through user recommendation, offering advantages for all. The bookie enjoys customer increase, enhancing growth, whereas the affiliate receives a profitable commission. By reading further, discover how to maximize your benefits from the 1Win Partners affiliate program.

1Win India Affiliate Program

Reasons to become an affiliate

The 1Win affiliate program is not just another referral scheme; it’s a pathway to sustainable revenue generation for those venturing into the online betting and gaming industry. Considering India’s rapidly growing digital landscape, there’s never been a more opportune moment to jump on board. Here are the key reasons that make the 1Win affiliate program an enticing proposition:

  • Lucrative Commission Structure. The website offers a competitive payout for every new customer you bring on board. This ensures that partners get a fair share of the profit;
  • Vast Market Potential. With India’s increasing interest in online gaming and betting, the market is ripe for penetration. Tapping into this vast user base can yield substantial rewards;
  • Effective Marketing Tools. The program provides affiliates with top-notch marketing materials, banners, and tools to effectively promote the platform;
  • Reliable Tracking and Analytics. Get real-time updates on your referral performance, user engagement, and earnings through a sophisticated tracking system. This transparency helps in strategizing effectively;
  • Dedicated Support. The gambling platform doesn’t leave its partners in the lurch. They offer consistent support, guiding partners through any challenges, and ensuring seamless operations.

The 1Win Partners India is more than just an opportunity to earn. It’s a chance to align with a reputable brand in a booming industry, utilizing the vast market potential and leveraging the superior tools and support provided.

List of the reasons to became 1Win Affiliate

How to Become 1Win Partner?

Becoming an affiliate with 1Win is not just an opportunity; it’s a strategic move for those in India looking to capitalize on the booming online betting industry. If you’ve considered diving into this venture, here’s a more detailed roadmap:

  1. Steps 1

    Start by visiting the 1Win website. The entrance to your affiliate journey is through the Affiliate Program page, conveniently situated at the homepage’s footer.

    Open 1Win Website and find a link to the affiliate page at the bottom
  2. Steps 2

    The sign-up form awaits. It’s a seamless process requiring essential details — your name, email, and contact information. Moreover, 1Win values understanding your traffic source and affiliate model preference to serve you better.

    Register at the 1Win Affiliate Program
  3. Steps 3

    On successful registration, 1Win equips you with a unique invitational link. This tool is pivotal. It not only tracks but also credits every registration steered by your efforts.

    Get your unique registration link - 1Win Affiliates
  4. Steps 4

    The essence of affiliate marketing is promotion. Cast your net wide. Share your unique link across your digital platforms, enticing potential users to choose 1Win.

    Share your link to get profit from 1Win

For your endeavors, 1Win offers up to 60% profit from every affiliate you introduce. With weekly credits to your account, your earnings are always at your fingertips.

Payouts for affiliates in India

The platform processes 1Win affiliate program payouts every Tuesday. It’s a regular, predictable cycle that aids in financial planning for partners. However, to receive the first payout, affiliates must meet specific criteria: attracting at least 10 individuals who make a deposit of $70 or more. The earned amount won’t vanish into thin air. It remains intact in the affiliate’s account, poised and waiting for the set conditions to be fulfilled.

1Win, understanding the diverse financial landscape of India, ensures that the payout process is as inclusive as possible. Traditional banking methods such as Mastercard and Visa are accepted. 1Win accommodates options like BTC and USDT for those inclined toward digital currencies. Digital wallets, including Webmoney, are also available for those who prefer them. With this extensive array, it’s evident that 1Win prioritizes providing multiple avenues, ensuring that every partner finds a withdrawal method that resonates with their preference.

1Win Payments for Affiliates


When does 1Win release the payments for partners?

1Win processes the payments for affiliates every Tuesday. This regular schedule ensures timely disbursements and financial predictability for all partners.

What conditions should I meet to receive my first 1Win affiliate payout?

Before accessing your first payout, you must successfully refer a minimum of 10 individuals. Each of these referrals should make a deposit totaling $70 or more. Until these conditions are satisfied, your earned amount remains safely stored in your affiliate account.

Which withdrawal methods from 1Win are available for partners in India?

1Win offers a variety of withdrawal options catering to the diverse needs of its Indian affiliates. Traditional banking options include Mastercard and Visa. For those familiar with digital currencies, BTC and USDT are available.