1Win Trading online game in India

There is a brilliant chance to feel like you are opening deals as a skilled trader on Wall Street! 1Win Trading offers such a possibility with numerous options that help players get involved in the foreign exchange world and win cash.

Register on the 1Win website, make a deposit, claim a 500% welcome bonus, and enjoy playing the trading online game!

Trading game on the official 1win site

What is 1Win Trade?

Trading is not as complicated as it’s commonly believed. This is a new option at 1Win that attracts numerous users with endless solutions to make money on the exchange rates. Here, changes in the currency of one country are used to trade for the currency of another country. Among the main features, pay attention to:

  • 1Win Trade is a kind of game on the financial market with particular rules and patterns. Here, the outcome can be predicted, in contrast with lots of casino games based on a random number generator;
  • The key tools are fundamental and technical analyses that allow for a more or less precise evaluation of current market trends for exchange rates;
  • A 1Win trader is expected to draw a conclusion as to the increase or decrease of the rate of the particular currency pair within a certain period of time. If the forecast is correct, a trader will get his profit; otherwise, he’ll lose.
About 1Win Trading game

Interface of this game

1Win Trading is designed in accordance with real Forex broker sites. When a user enters the page, he views the central field meant for a Forex chart with functional areas around it.

Top bar

Over the chart, there is a navigation menu with pop-up settings, options, and currency pairs. Also, a user can access his real account to view the total amount of his real-life deposits divided into invested cash, profit, and available funds. Besides, he can have a look at his practice account, which is open if he uses demo mode. Here, the virtual money is shown, which cannot be withdrawn or used to make real deals.

Top bar Interface in 1Win Trading game

Left bar

To the left of the chart field is the panel with chart grids. There are numerous patterns to choose from. A user can decide on any variant he thinks is convenient and informative. Also, here you’ll find your trading history and the portfolio with active and pending positions.

Left bar Interface in 1Win Trading game

Main section

In the center of the page, there is a chart that shows the dynamic of the rate for the chosen currency pair. The chart in this 1Win Trading game is updated all the time to depict market behavior. There are various time frames that allow a player to understand continuous trends.

In the main section, you can open a new asset, set your bet amount, and trade by clicking on the “Higher” or “Lower” buttons. To get more information, there is the “Info” button. Also, you get access to the settings of:

  • Chart type;
  • Candle type period;
  • Graphical tools;
  • Indicators;
  • Timeframe.
Main section Interface in 1Win Trading game

How to play 1Win Trading?

To play 1Win Trading online, at least at the start of your trader’s career, there is no need to study macroeconomics and grasp the current economic situation in the world to predict the rate. There are special analytical websites where experts share their opinions and reasonable recommendations based on detailed investigations. Usually, analytical data is updated in real-time and remains effective for a brief period. But before you can dive deep into 1Win Trading in India, you should go to the official 1Win site and take the following steps:

  1. Click the “Register” button, select a registration method (“Quick” or “Social”), and fill out a suggested registration form.
  2. Log in to your account, top it up, go to the top navigation menu, and click the “Trading” section.
  3. Set a currency pair, expiration time, and amount for your future position.
  4. Look at the displayed chart with the rate dynamic and make your suggestion by clicking the “Higher” or “Lower” button.
Start a 1win Trading game in India

Tips for playing Trade game

To succeed in playing the 1Win Trading game, a gambler is recommended to:

  • Define his risk tolerance. A player should decide what kind of losses he is ready to take. As with any form of gambling, trading requires spending real money on currency pairs, which can be lost;
  • Make reasonable decisions. It is important to comprehend the process, use websites for investors with expert opinions, read news, and probably do his own research;
  • Claim the available bonuses. Do not refuse to use the 1Win promotions and bonuses to get extra money to spend on trading;
  • Start with demo mode. It will not allow for real-money winnings, but it gives a clear idea of 1Win Trading online and ways to win.
Tips for Trading game on the official 1win site

Play in Demo mode for free

When you launch the 1Win Trading game, you’ll see a button with an available balance. Click on it to switch to demo mode. Choose the “Practice Account” and start trading with virtual money. Here, all the options and features are similar to those in real-life trading. There are no time limits or fees to pay to use this option. You can cope with the functionality of the trading game and test his strategies for as long as he likes.

Trading game Demo Mode At 1win

Features of 1Win Trading game

When playing 1Win Trading online, a user can count on:

  • A wide range of settings. You can choose the currency pair you want, change the chart type, see the chart analyses, and much more;
  • Easy registration. A user gets access to the Trading game only after registration on the official 1Win site. The procedure is simple and takes a couple of minutes;
  • High data security. The users’ data is properly protected with advanced technologies;
  • Instant deposit. There are lots of payment methods that can be used to load the account, and all transactions are instant;
  • Unique Trading feature. It is a perfect opportunity to start 1Win USD trading in a playful way and still get a profit;
  • A mobile app. A user can trade on the go after he downloads the free 1Win mobile application available on the site.
Features of 1win Trading game


Is it safe to play the 1Win Trading game in India?

Yes, it is. 1Win is a regulated and licensed betting site that is legal in India.

Can I win real money playing the trading games?

Yes, you can. If you start in demo mode, you can easily switch to a real-life account, open deals, and win real money.

Shall I do research to succeed in the 1Win Trading in India?

You may do research if you want. Also, you can use the ready-made solutions from experts on dedicated investment sites.

Is there any difference between gambling and trading?

Trading is more predictable compared with lots of casino games.

Can I trade with cryptocurrency when I play the 1Win trading game?

Yes, you can. There is 1Win BTC trading.